Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Wishes For 2013

As I write this, I feel a little sad because this will be my last post on Krafty Kat.  I have learned that life is like a book and it has many chapters and this chapter of my life has come to an end.  Sharing this blog of creative ideas has been very personally  rewarding.  I have learned so much, not only about crafts but also about photography, writing, advertising, social networking, html, and so many other things.  I have also made some connections with some very amazing people and organizations that I probably would have never had the opportunity to otherwise.

For those of you who are bloggers, you know how consuming it can be.  It takes time to come up with a creative idea, gather supplies, execute it, tweak it, get it just right and then take good photos, edit and upload photos and write about it in a clear concise way so that someone else can achieve the same results while also injecting your own dazzling personality .  If you put out good, fresh content regularly, promote the posts at blog parties, in social media, and other websites, as well as support your fellow bloggers, stay competitive, and host your own link party (whew!), it can easily take ALL of your time.    Sure, you can cut back on how often you post or how often you comment on other blogs, or how often you participate in linkies but it will affect your own page views.  The blogging world is becoming crazy competitive and I must say repetitive.  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved writing Krafty Kat but I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter how much time and effort I put into it, it seems to need more.  It becomes hard to justify working so hard for something that doesn’t pay off financially for me.  I have made a few bucks here and there and tried out some fantastic products but it is not enough. For me.  And like I said, it can take ALL of your time.  I love crafts and decorating but those aren’t my only interests.  There are so many different aspects to my life.  Being “krafty” is just one part of me.  I need time for everything else too! 

I have developed some other creative interests that I plan on pursuing as well as a business idea that I want to work on.  (I don’t want to reveal too much too soon).  Of course, I will be bringing all of the skills I have gained from blogging with me!  As this chapter is coming to an end, a new one is beginning and I am so excited to move forward and see what the future holds for me.  I just know it is going to be great!

Thank you for reading my posts, following me, subscribing, and letting me share a little of myself with you the past couple of years!  Words cannot say how much your support has meant to me. I would never have reached this point in my life to be able to move ahead without you. 

Happy New Year to you and best wishes pursuing your own dreams and realizing your own destiny.  If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them!

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