Monday, February 28, 2011

Gettin’ Krafty With It

I am so glad to be feeling better for this week’s party!  The weather has been warmer- the kids even got outside and got a little wet this weekend!  It’s been so nice.  It’s time to kick off the month of March and start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day and, dare I say:  SPRING!  The official start of spring is March 20th but I am ready for it NOW, how about you? 
Anywho, let me show you some of the awesomeness from last week to get you inspired:


Gooey Butter Cake

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Pink On Pink Glazed Rocker


Remember this rocking chair I painted pink a while back? 
IMG_0696 IMG_0698

It was cute but I felt it needed something.  I mixed a little of the pink paint leftover from the desk I painted with some glaze and wiped it down.




I like the effect of the dark pink on the light pink.  I think that was just what it needed.  Now it’s even more pink and more pretty in pink, in my opinion.  What do you think?  Is it better now or should I have left it as it was?


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

St. Patrick’s Mantel & Printable

Well, I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day although it’s kind of a big deal in the town I live in.  But I decided to put something up now that Valentines is over and it’s a little too early for full blown Spring and Easter decorating.  I only used things I already had that were easy to throw together.  I did not spend very much time on this at all.  

I found some green and white glass and grouped them together.


I added a gold container at the other end for balance.


I wrapped some green polka dot ribbon around a white candle and secured it with a safety pin so I can easily take it back off.


I typed up the word lucky in green letters and added a shamrock and printed it out and put it in a gold frame. 

You can download the image here if you’d like to use it. 

I found a little plush shamrock thing of the kids and put it up on a white,chippy candleholder.


I spray painted a small terra cotta pot black and put some arcade coins in it.  Maybe that will pass for a pot of gold.  


I did spend about 20 minutes putting together a simple banner.  I cut out some shamrock images and covered them with some green glitter glue and glued them onto white felt triangles.  I then glued the triangles onto some green ribbon and hung it. 



I think it gives a nice finishing touch to the display.   Now, I don’t have to worry about the mantel anymore (for a few more weeks, at least)! 


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bling Trays

I saw some really cute trays in Hobby Lobby yesterday and thought, instead of buying these, why don’t I make my own?  I found some unfinished wooden trays that were 30% off so I grabbed a couple.  I also grabbed a big package of these blingy jewels for 50% off.    I gave the trays a coat of  black spray paint then hot glued the jewels around the sides.  So easy and they really look so classy and elegant.   These will go in my daughter’s pink and black room.  I still have a ton of the jewels left over so expect to see a lot more blingy projects in the future! 



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Ice Cream Parlor Chair

Well, here it is… the little chair that I rescued from the dump.   It’s not really an ice cream parlor chair but that’s what it reminded me of.   All it needed was a new cushion and to replace a missing screw and it’s good to go. 

I wanted it to go at my daughter’s desk but as I looked at it, it looked like it would fit better at her vanity dresser.  She already had a bench for it but I think the chair looks nice with it too. 
She can probably just use it at either.  It actually doesn’t match the desk and the dresser needs to be repainted.  She has been a bit rough on it over the past few years since the last time it was repainted.  So some painting is definitely in the future.   I’ll probably give the chair a fresh coat of paint when I get around to painting the vanity.  What do you think? Does it look better at the dresser or desk?  Any ideas on painting? 
I’m in love with the Michael Miller harlequin fabric. I think it’s super sweetie!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kid’s Shoe Organizer


A good friend of mine gave me this shadowbox shelf  a while back. It is supposed to be used to display little knick-knacks.  I told her I thought I could find a use for it.  I thought it would make great little cubbyholes for my little one’s shoes.


I hit it up with a little white spray paint  and modpodged the word shoes on top. 



(The glue still wasn’t dry when I took these photos.)

  I hope this will help keep all of her shoes together and off of the floor.  I don’t know if you ever have this problem at your house but the kids tend to just kick off their shoes wherever, then they can’t find them!  A scavenger hunt always follows and it is usually when we have to get someplace right. now.    Not much fun!

I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more of these for my other kids.  You can find little shelves like these a lot at garage sales and thrift stores, and they are really so useful, not just for shoes!  You could use one in the bathroom for hand towels- wouldn’t that be pretty, all rolled up and tucked in the little cubbies?  Or maybe for craft supplies?  I love anything that will keep me organized and make life a little easier!

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