Friday, February 4, 2011

Linky Tools aka MckLinky

Linky Tools
I am sure most of you who are bloggers are probably well aware that Linky Tools has started charging a small fee for their service.  For bloggers, link parties and blog hops are a critical tool for networking.  We are able to connect with so many other bloggers we probably never would have found and who never would have found us through these parties.  There are several link hosting sites out there and all of them charge a fee for this service. 
There have been a few bloggers who have complained about Linky Tools starting to charge for their service so I think it would be beneficial for anyone who is on the fence about it for me to tell you why I have chosen to stay with Linky Tools and pay the small annual fee. 
First of all, Linky Tools started the whole blog hop concept a few years ago.  They are basically the leader in the business.  Beyond that, their site has a ton of great blogging tips for making the most of your blog.  They have been doing this as long as possible totally for FREE.  However, since they have grown to over 16, 000 users they cannot continue to support the service on ads and donations alone.  Can you imagine trying to? 
I have been using Linky Tools for all of my link parties.  I have not had any problems.  I also link up to a lot of parties who use another service and I have had problems with getting my links or pictures up.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 
The biggest reason of all that I am staying with Linky Tools is that the owner and creator, Brent Riggs is Christian.  He is a family man with seven children, three of which are adopted internationally.  He writes (among other topics) about faith and family.  He lives in a small town and is a real person.  I don’t know about you but I feel better knowing that I am supporting someone like that who is doing good for others than some anonymous corporate person that I know nothing about. 
Basically, for me, Linky Tools has been a great service coming from a great person and I have been pleased with it.  I don’t mind paying a small price for a great service.  If you haven’t signed up with them yet- you should.  Hosting a link party on your blog is a great way to increase traffic.  In my opinion, they are the best in the business and you can still get a 30 day trial period without paying any fees.  If you choose to continue the service, it is only $24 for an annual subscription which is only $2 per month.  Even I can afford that!

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  1. hmm...I just used Linky Tools for my Show Off Your Homeschool Party last week and they did not charge me...when did they start?