Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Michael Miller Fabrics

I don’t sew but I have to tell you about my latest affection for Michael Miller fabric. 

It all started back in the fall when my mom had me choose some fabric for a purse that she made me. 
The fabric I chose was Michael Miller (Divine Damask).  I love the colors and the size of the damask print.  I also got to pick the pattern for the purse.  
She made two of the same pattern with one being a smaller size for times when I just don’t need to take that much with me.  I ♥ my purse(s) so much!  The colors are great to carry me on through until spring.  My mom is the greatest and has made me several purses and bags (thank you mama!!!!)

Well, as you may recall the little chair I rescued has a cushion that desperately needs to be recovered.  As I was browsing online, I saw several prints that I thought would be perfect to fit with the overall theme of the room I was trying to create.  I started to notice, every one I really liked was by Michael Miller. 

Aren’t they just adorable?  I was seriously torn and there were a few more I’m not even showing.  I finally decided on this one called ‘What’s The Scoop”.  I think it will add to the ice cream parlor look of the chair and will really coordinate well with the picture frame I decoupaged.

I thought it was a funny coincidence that although I hardly use any material, the two times I have to choose some I choose the same brand.  So, I decided to go check out their website.  I found the prints for my purse (Divine Damask) and the chair. I also found this one from a dress I had bought my daughter a year or two ago (Groovy Guitar). 

I found so many more prints that I love on the site and it just makes me want to learn to sew!  I thought about showing you a few but I like so many of them, it is too hard for me to narrow it down to pick only a few.  You just have to go see for yourself!

When I look at these, I can see so many possibilities!  I have an old (think really old) Singer but I am honestly too afraid to try to use it.  I have got to get over that though because there are so many cute things I would love to make.   I am tired of having to pass up all of these fun, cute projects that involve more sewing than I care to try to do by hand. 

Do you sew?  Has a particular designer material caught your eye lately?  I am open to suggestions on fabric and getting started with my machine from anyone more experienced than me (probably anyone reading this).   

I can’t wait to get started on that chair!  I am so excited about how the cloth is going to look on it.  In the meantime, I will be over at the Michael Miller site drooling all over the pretty fabric!
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  1. I sew! I have for quite a while! I, too, love Michael Miller fabrics!! He's got some seriously cute stuff.

    My advice... have someone help you get the machine all threaded, then just dive in. Don't use expensive fabric, maybe buy some cheap stuff from Joann's (quilting fabric - cotton, so it wont stretch and go crazy on you) and just sew! Sew seams, sew lines, sew whatever you want but just get accustomed to the machine.

    You'll love it =)

  2. I ♥ all kinds of fabric and used to collect like I do paper now Ÿ I think my all time favorite fabric is toile.