Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scrappy Easter Egg Framed Banner


I made this Easter egg banner completely from materials I already had.  I cut out egg shapes from cardboard and some scrap fabric.  I hot glued the fabric to the cardboard. 


Then I printed out the word Easter and painstakingly cut out the letters and traced onto some more scrap fabric and then cut.  That part would’ve went so much more quickly if I only had a Silhouette...sigh


Oh, well.  It’s done.  I hot glued the letters onto the eggs. 

I also spray painted some wood clothespins which was no easy feat in all of this rain we’re having.  I put them in a box and went onto the porch and just sprayed, sprayed, sprayed into the box.  The box kept my porch protected from the paint. 


I had this old frame that had just been hiding out in my closet for the past year or so that I drug out and removed the back and the glass.


It had a wire hanger on the back that had to be removed so I borrowed my boyfriend’s muscles to pull out the staples.  I painted it a bright spring green and when it was dry, I stapled two pieced of white rick rack ribbon to the back of the frame. 


Then, I just pinned on my Easter eggs with the clothespins.  I love how it turned out.  It’s so bright and cheery!


I can also easily remove the eggs when Easter is over and add letters for spring or whatever I want.  (Not that I'm in any hurry to cut out more letters!) 


Not only that, but when I get tired of it, I can turn it vertically (maybe add another ribbon to balance it out)  and put it in my daughter’s room as a hairbow holder!  You can’t beat that- a craft that does double duty! 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gettin’ Krafty With It

Welcome to another edition of Gettin’ Krafty With It!  I am so glad you are here and I hope you will be sharing your creativity with all of us so we can all be inspired!  Speaking of inspiring, let me share with you a few projects from last week’s party…

DSC_0299 fixed

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Now, lets get D
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Remember, there are no rules, anything goes (as long as it’s Krafty)!   ;)

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Welcome to My Newest (& First) Sponsor- Southern Scraps!!!

As some of you stalkers followers may already know, I have begun to accept sponsors here at Krafty Kat.   I am pleased to introduce to you my very first sponsor:

Southern Scraps specializes in handmade greeting cards for birthdays and all occasions. 

Kindness quote handmade greeting card note card
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You will find all sorts of paper crafts and gifts in addition to cards. Southern Scraps has recently began to add fabric flower brooches, accessories, and beaded jewelry to the shop.

Pink floral and mint green handmade fabric flower brooch
Classic elegance red, white, and black fabric rosette bib necklace
Ribbon embellished decoupaged book page Easter eggs
If you've seen something that she has made elsewhere and would like a similar item, please contact her about a custom order.

There is just something so personal and special about a handmade greeting card.  It just feels so much better to give and receive than a generic, mass-produced card from the big box store.

She also has a great selection of Easter cards available now.
Happy Easter green gingham check with 3d egg greeting card

 You can keep up with all of her creations on her blog.

SouthernScraps Happenings

Her beautiful spring wreath was recently featured on Tatertots and Jello.

I am proud to have Southern Scraps as a sponsor!  I just love her cards and other creations, not to mention she is a fellow Georgia girl!  She knocks my socks off each week when she links up to Gettin’ Krafty With It.  I always look forward to seeing her latest projects.  Be sure to go by her etsy shop and check out all of her beautiful greeting cards and other handmade items and to follow her blog so you can keep up with all of her amazing ideas!  Don't forget to let her know you found her over at Krafty Kat!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tiered Dessert Tray


I have been meaning to show this to you for a while but you know how it is when you get busy! A few months ago, my microwave died.  It just quit.  It was for the best though because I love my new microwave,  a pretty stainless steel GE model and it led me to come up with this. 

When I tossed out the old microwave, I didn’t want to throw out the glass plate inside.  It seemed such a waste.  So, what I did was get two of these glass candleholders (you can find these for $1 at the dollar store or even cheaper at thrift stores) and glued (with amazing Goop) one to the bottom of the microwave plate

Then I turned the other one upside down and glued it to the top of the microwave plate.  I had another smaller glass tray used for candles but I no longer use it. I glued it to the second candleholder.

Voila- a pretty tiered dessert tray!  It’s perfect for displaying cupcakes, cookies,and other yummy treats.


On display here are the cupcakes I made for the kids on Friday for their afterschool snack.


I just used white cake mix and egg whites (no yolks) for a fluffy white cake, vanilla frosting, and sprinkles (for those who like sprinkles). The cupcake liners came from the dollar store.  They were devoured shortly after these photos were taken.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg Carton Spring Wreath

Although I have some flowers on my front door for spring, I found myself still wanting to make a wreath. This is a great recycling project and fun for kids! I made flowers from a couple of egg cartons.  With Easter coming up, there should be a good supply of egg cartons available!  You just cut the egg cartons into flower shapes.  They should look like this:

After cutting out all of my little flowers, I painted them in nice, bright spring colors.


While those were drying, I cut out a wreath shape from cardboard.


I painted it spring green.


For the center of the flowers, I cut little circles from brightly colored fabric, felt, and scrap paper and hot glued them on.  I also added some buttons. 




The next step was to hot glue all of the flowers onto the wreath form. 


I went around the entire wreath, gluing the flowers on, trying to not put too many of the same color too close together.





Here it is with the fresh eggs sign


And here it is framed (I think I like it this way best).



Of course, it’s cute all by itself.


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