Sunday, October 31, 2010


I got my new Holiday Restoration Hardware & November Ballard Designs catalogs in the mail!  Yay!!!!  I am truly in love & I want it all!  I am spending my day dreaming of where I will put everything in my imaginary house that I don't have yet!  So much eye candy...maybe I will be able to at least knock off something in them!  Have you got yours yet? 
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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Nightmare on My Street!

This is my last Halloween post but I couldn't leave this one out!   I can't wait to show you what I did with these:

My oldest son wanted to be Freddy Krueger for Halloween.  Check out how I pulled it off (for less than 5 bucks!!!)   I spray painted those kazoos with metallic silver spray paint.   
Then I spray painted an old work glove with metallic gold & black
(This photo just shows the gold)

Then I found an old red sweater and freehanded some black stripes
I cut the tips off of the work glove and inserted the kazoos and attatched with some good ol' duct tape

Add an old thrift store fedora hat & here you have it:

I painted his face with some of my makeup.  We may add a little fake blood to the glove.   I'm sure it would've been even better with some regular Halloween makeup or face paint but it works.  He even scared some of his friends in the neighborhood!

We went outside to take some pictures because we live across from Elm Street (that would've made a perfect photo!) but the sign was gone...
Scary, isn't it?

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dollar Store Trick or Treat Buckets Rock!

While I was in Dollar Tree the other day, I saw these little black buckets.  I thought they would be perfect for trick or treating. 

They would be fine just as they are but I decided to dress them up a bit.  This was so much fun.  I tried to personalize each one to each of my kids' costumes or taste.  Add a little paint, mod podge, stickers, vinyl (Oh, how I wish I had a Silhouette!), ribbons, fabric, scrapbook paper -whatever you have to make it yours.  I think they rock! 

I can't decide which is my favorite...

I really like all the frilly details I added to the girls' but the boys' are the bomb too!  I mean, just look at that skull!  Lucky me, I get to enjoy them all!

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