Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute Kitchen Plaque Tutorial

I made a small wooden plaque to hang up in my kitchen.   I created my image using a vintage photo, some sheet music, and a few other "frenchie" bits.  I found most of these at The Graphic Fairy.  She shares tons of beautiful vintage clip art and photos for free.   I ♥ her!   This is how I did it & total cost was $1.  Could be a little more if I didn't already have some of these basic supplies.

          Materials used:
  • $1 wooden plaque from Walmart
  • Tape Measure (on hand)
  • School Glue (on hand)
  • Paint Brush (on hand)
  • Paint (on hand)
  • Computer/Printer/Paper (on hand)
  • Clear Sealer (on hand)
  • Sandpaper (on hand)
  • Soda Can Tab or Ribbon or whatever you would like to hang it with 
  • Hot Glue Gun (on hand)

I started by painting the edges of my plaque white with a free sample of paint I received a while back from Glidden.  I didn't worry about getting it perfect because only the edges would show. 

 After it was dry, I measured the sides to get the proper length and width for my image.  I probably should've done that first but I kinda did this on a whim.  I set my image to the size I needed or at least pretty close. 

I printed my image then sprayed all over it with clear sealer  so the colors wouldn't run.  I waited patiently for that to dry and then got out my glue. 

 I mixed glue and water to make my own Mod Podge. 

I painted the glue mixture onto the face of my plaque and carefully laid down my image, smoothing away any bubbles.  (It is ok if you still have a little bit of bubbles, they will go down.)   

Then, I painted the glue onto the front of the image.   
After that dried, I sprayed another coat of sealer over that.  You could do a few layers of the glue but I think mine is adhered pretty well.  Once the sealer has dried, I just sanded lightly around the edges to distress it a bit.  Then, I hotglued a can tab to the back to hang it with.  You could also use ribbon or whatever you have on hand.   

Ready to hang!

I am pretty satisfied with the way this turned out!  I love the image of the woman in the kitchen.  She just seems so happy with her work-I need that kind of inspiration! 

I made another to go in my laundry room.  This one is not on a plaque but an old picture frame backing.  I added some vintage buttons and a clotheshanger to it and hung it with some jute.  I enjoy these with the maids but you could use this same method with any sort of image-maybe in a child's room with their favorite character or their name or something cute for your bathroom.  The possibilities are endless and it's cheap and fun decorating!
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  1. I love the pop tab idea! I have these plaques at Walmart this weekend. I thought that they were cool but I wasn't sure what to do. Now I know! Thanks for posting!

  2. I'm your newest follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  3. Please tell me you snagged the maid picture from The Graphic Fairy!? So love it.


  4. Those are so cute and creative. Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence's Under $100 Party.

  5. Both plaques are adorable, great work. How smart to use a soda can tab as a hanger!!

  6. Ah-Ha! So spraying it with sealer is the trick! Thanks for the tip. I love Graphics Fairy. I have no idea how she finds sooo many images.

    Your plaques are so cute! Would love for you to link up to Passion for Paint this weekend.

  7. Super cute plaques!!! I love that they were so inexpensive to make too! Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday.

  8. Thanks so much for linking up to Passion for Paint! Hope you'll drop by again soon!

  9. Turned out darling! Great instructions to boot!
    smiles, alice