Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bold and The Beautiful Blog Review


I am opening myself up to you.  Completely.  I want to know exactly what you think about my little blog.  (Please be kind).  How does it look?  Does the page load quickly enough?  Does the layout make it easy or hard to find what you are looking for?  How about my writing style?  Am I clear?  Does my personality come through?  Are my pictures okay?  Tell me what you don't like.  I promise I can take it.  I want to make this the best blog it can be but I need your honesty about what is good and what needs to change. 

My Repurposed Life  is hosting a blog hop for everyone who wants to have their blog reviewed and critiqued and I thought I would get in on it.  I am always looking for room to improve. 

So, go ahead.  Give it to me.

(By the way, Gettin' Krafty With It is still on- just see the post below this one.  I just didn't want to miss this opportunity!)
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  1. I really like how your background coordinates with your header. I also like that you have pictures of all of your Valentine's Day projects on the sidebar so they are easy to find. The only thing I would suggest changing is to either widen the white stripe in your background or make the part that overlays the background white instead of transparent since their margins don't match up. Other than that, it looks great!

  2. I really love your blog design. I think I would move the live traffic feed to the bottom. And maybe add a button on top for your fave blogs and only have a few of them on your page. Now that I know how to add blogs I will probably face the same problem of too many faves...lol. Other than that I love your blog and have been following for awhile.

  3. Hi!
    popping in via blog hop! cute blog! like that it's simple, and easy to navigate! only suggestion would be to widen out the white, where the transparent is. but overall.. great job!
    hope to see ya around my random neighborhood sometime! :)
    many blessings,

  4. Your Blog is easy to navigate, The design is clean and crisp - It reflects you personality (according to your about us page). I like it

  5. I really like the background image. Makes me think of a worn out and cozy beach cottage. :) ANd I like the fun font you have for titles. If I had my way, I would like the blog part to be wider (of course you'd be covering up more of the background image I like so much! LOL). Then you could make your pictures bigger which I always like nice big photos. Overall I like it!! :)

  6. Coming in from the blog hop! Cute blog. Simple and easy to navigate. Agree with the comments about the white but really that's all I would even think about!
    Nice work - keep it up!

  7. I like the worn paint background. I'd move your "What's It All About" section up. I like to be able to jump right to all the good stuff and see what else is in a blog. I really like the font you've chose for your article titles. It matches very well with the blog header.

  8. Thanks for joining MeganDVD and I for our blog hop!
    I think you have a very nice blog.It loaded quickly for me.
    I like the worn paint backdrop.
    I sure would like to see an "about me" blurb and perhaps a picture up to. That helps your visitors to connect. Your regular readers have a real feel for you, but those of us passing through don't.
    Personally I would prefer to see your blog roll up on level and your labels down one. But that is just a matter of preference.
    That last button on the left Knock It Off could be left justified. :)
    great blog, I like your content.
    thanks so much for joining us, I hope you get some great feedback and make some new friends when you mingle.

  9. yea Megan! the change made all the difference, and it looks GREAT! :) -Tracie

  10. Thank you for joing our little blog hop! I know it is a risk but I bet you having been making new friends all over the place. :) I would love to see a little showcase of you and a fabulous pic. I think that you have the beginnings of a perfect blog. Once again...I just mentioned a gentle suggestion...other than that. Everything looks endearing and sweet. I hope to see more of you...have a great Friday tomorrow!