Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fabric Covered Clipboard

Ok, so I just discovered the magic that is spray adhesive!  I know, it’s been around forever but I’ve just never tried it.  Oh, it’s so easy!  Just like it sounds - you spray and stuff sticks.  What I like best about it is the fact that you have a little time before it completely sets if you need to readjust without making a huge mess.  I should've known I would love it, I mean it's like spray paint, only glue!

Also, let me say sorry about the quality of these pics but they were taken at night while the kids were asleep so...ya know!

The first thing I did with it was cover an old binder for my daughter.  I used some leftover Michael Miller fabric.  It’s cute but I didn’t realize that I could readjust it and my fabric wasn’t ironed soooooo- it’s a wrinkly mess. 

 She still loves it so that’s all that really matters.  I added her name and the class with some vinyl letters I cut out using my Silhouette.  Learn from my mistake if you decide to do this and make sure to iron your fabric first and if you place it and it still seems wrinkly, you can lift it up and readjust and smooth it down. 

My next project was to cover a clipboard. 

I didn’t really have any other cute fabric right now so I took one of my daughter’s old dresses and cut a piece to cover a clipboard.

  It is a very thin, sheer material so I didn’t have to iron it.  I love the pink, rosy print- so girly!  I sprayed on the adhesive and carefully placed the fabric over it, smoothing it around the edges.  At the top, I cut out the space for the clip to go.  Then, I took strips of the same fabric and tied them on to create a fluffy puff at the top. (Because what could be more girly than fluffy puffs?) 

 I think maybe I should velcro a chunky, pink pen on the bottom.  What do you think?

You could really go all out with these and embellish your little heart out.  I can’t wait to get some more fabric and cover some more notebooks, binders, and clipboards.  I have lots of ideas- maybe use the silhouette to cut some fabric into fun shapes and then spray them on top of the first layer.  You could personalize all of your kids’ binders.   These would make great teacher gifts, or you could make recipe books, photo albums, scrapbooks, anything that you could use a notebook, binder, or clipboard for! 
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  1. That is beautiful! I love the fabric, it is absolutely the girliest. Thanks for linking up to Upcycled Awesome and I hope to see you during Stashbusting September.

  2. Very cute! I bought spray adhesive and Mod Podge and have never used either one of them. You've inspired me to give it a try!

  3. Cute! Forgetting to iron the fabric before you start on a project sounds like something I’d do! Haha! I’ve never used spray adhesive…I’m going to have to try it now!

  4. Great work! Nice fabric used. I made one before but using cardstock. I used Mod Podge but it wrinkled so when I did my Kitchen Wall Decor I also used spray adhesive. Worked well! If you'd like to see what i did, please visit:

  5. What cute ideas! I'm going to try spray adhesive now. I've been crafting for years, but never used it either. Love your blog!