Friday, July 29, 2011

Rose Colored Glass

I am seeing the world through my rose colored glass (not glasses).
  Remember when I showed you how to make your own beach glass?  Same method here.  I took a glass candlestick holder from the thrift store (these things make excellent pedestals for dessert trays,etc.) and a glass container that I believe came from some sort of air freshener.

You could use any small jar, glass, etc.  Painted on the color and when it dried, I just glued the container to the candlestick with some Amazing Goop.  You could use superglue, hot glue, whatever you have available.   You could also go with any color you like so if you want some accessories to match your blue or yellow (or whatever color) room- here you go!  I don't know if you can see if but there is a white ring around the inside on the top that wouldn’t come out because I had water in it or something for so long but it’ll still pass.



I think it turned out pretty. I will probably just put it in my girls’ room to hold jewelry and other girly stuff. 

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  1. oh so many possibilities with that method! The rose pink is fantastic :) what a cute way to hold your jewelry!

  2. Oh my! That is so pretty! I love pink glass.

  3. So cute! I don't have a pinky glass, but now I wish one.

  4. Great idea- like the pink glass and the beach glass bottles.