Thursday, December 6, 2012

Duck Tape Holiday Framed Art

Here is an easy and fun way to create your own framed holiday artwork.  These will look great on a mantel or side table and add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor.  All you need is an inexpensive frame, some old Christmas cards, and some of the new holiday printed Duck Tape®.  

Cover the frame in the duck tape. Be sure to press it down all over and remove any wrinkles or bubbles.  You want to create a smooth, clean line.  Trim away any excess, especially any adhesive if needed.  Place a pretty card inside the frame.  If it doesn't fit, use a piece of paper (or even Chrismas wrapping paper) as a matte behind the card.  You can keep the card in place using a small piece of tape or a glue dot.  That's it! Super cute and super easy!  I used the penguin printed duck tape to line a frame that I had laying around.  I placed an old card inside that also featured penguins with 3D elements. 

This is a great way to add a festive touch in unexpected places in your home- like the bedroom or bathroom.  Place one in your children's bedroom or on a side table that may not usually get decorated for Christmas.  Create a gallery wall of holiday art if you have a large collection of cards.

Another wonderful quality of this craft is that it allows you to display and treasure cards from loved ones and you can reflect back on the memories of those special people every time you see it.  I love anything sentimental, especially during the holidays. I must admit, I have saved every card ever given to me so I could make quite a collection of these!  

I have another great Duck Tape project coming soon so stay tuned!
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  1. Oh my goshness! I love this, its a great idea but the fact its penguins makes it even better! And the sentimental value is lovely, I always keep cards.

    I'm only sad that its an old card you used and not something recent, now off to trawl the shops for penguin cards and tape {I may be a little penguin crazy}

  2. How fun and cute!!!! Love it!!

  3. super cute! I have a friend that has a "love affair" with penguins...I will email her the link!

  4. That is adorable. Great idea and fun. Merry Christmas.