Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Improve my Quality of Life

I know these things would make such a huge difference in my quality of life.  Click on photos for links to sources.

grocery bag holder

Carrying in all those bags of groceries would go much quicker with these.

built in wall extension cord

 The cord would always reach with a built in wall extenstion cord.

charger pocket

I need a cute little charger pocket like this.

sharpie liquid pencil

Sharpie Pencil. Writes like a pencil ( & eraseable) but becomes permanent when dry.

cutting board in drawer 

Who doesn’t need this in their kitchen? 

giant cushion

I would always have a comfy place to stretch out and watch tv.

spray gun to make spray paint from any paint

I could transform any paint I had into spray paint with this spray gun.
 swinging porch bed

Sometimes a porch swing isn’t laid back enough.  Sometimes, you need a porch bed swing.

secret hideout

For all those times, my PMDD symptoms flare up, I could just escape to my secret hideout.

secret tile compartment

  If I couldn’t have a secret hideout, I would settle for a secret compartment.

wonder woman apron

When I want to be seen as who I really am.

electronics cleaning putty 
Cleaning electronics would be a breeze with this special putty that get all the dirt, germs out of the little nooks & crannies.

cotton candy martini

Cotton Candy Martini for when I want to feel like a kid at a carnival and maintain my adult sophistication at the same time.

indoor slide

For when taking the stairs just isn’t fast enough.

grocery cart baskets 
Something else to make my grocery shopping trips just a little easier.

cowgirl boot roller skates

Just in case.
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