Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Stuff for the Kids

Happy November 1st!  My kids are on some kind of candy overload right now but I’m gathering ideas for fun stuff to do when the candy runs out!  Click on the pictures for links.

I love these autumn leaf crowns!   I can see many magical woodland adventures taking place with these on.

autumn leaf crowns

I found this fun recipe for DIY bathtub soap crayons.

bathtub crayons

These flowers are so pretty and easy to make with cupcake liners!

cupcake liner flowers

Another great fall craft is this leaf mobile.

fall leaf mobile 

They’ll have a blast making this seriously cool galaxy playdough.

galaxy playdough

This is one that is better for you to make for them instead of with them but this is so perfect for all the petite princesses who aren’t ready for real makeup yet!

pretend makeup 

With Thanksgiving coming up, these handprint turkey jar toppers will be perfect!

handprint turkey jar toppers

Speaking of jar toppers, I love these made with old plastic animal toys!  This would make remembering where things go so easy and fun to put away.   You could really adapt this to any theme (dinosaurs, cars, even characters!) 

animal jar toppers

And, if you are like me and have lots of extra pumpkin seeds leftover, use them to make pretty mosaics in fall colors!

pumpkin seed mosaic

So, when the kids start to drive you crazy, drive them crazy (in a good way) instead by doing some of these fun activities! 

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  1. Oh, so many great idea's! The jars with the animals on top is so cute...yet simple, oh and galaxy playdough! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I really like the ideas you shared! The jar toppers are my favorite too! I'm not very crafty but these look doable even for me. We definitely don't have leftover pumpkin seeds though :( My kids made them with my husband while I was at the store and I came home just in time to grab the last few!