Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Inspiration With Miracle Gro And The Gardenieres

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Remember my post about planting marigolds for fall color?  Well, if that inspired you, you should check out master gardener William Moss and his hand-picked green thumbs (known as The Gardenieres)!  They are real-life gardening enthusiasts who will be covering the country, inspiring everyone to get out and garden! You can connect with them in social networks and in some instances, in your own neighborhood! 

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I enjoyed this video in which William talked to Ashton Ritchie about sustainable soil practices.  Here in Georgia, we have red clay, not exactly the best soil for gardening.  And that is exactly what they show in the video!  Yet, they have amended the soil using compost and manure and made it fertile.  The soil was so rich and even contained earth worms, which is a sure sign of good soil.  The secret to gardening is in the soil and Miracle Gro can help you attain the rich, organic material needed to improve drainage and air flow.  Ritchie added straw as a barrier and Miracle Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil in his garden.  He even showed how to grow big, healthy plants in containers for those of us living in urban areas using Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix.


William Moss and The Gardenieres have inspired me to work on our soil.  I will surely be using his tips for my next gardening project! Improving our soil now will be a big bonus when springtime rolls around!

Visit The Gardenieres for great fall project ideas and visit Miracle-Gro Facebook page to interact with other gardeners and share your story!



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