Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bright Beginnings

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This may seem a little off topic but I know a lot of you are stay at home moms and bloggers with little ones and can use this information.  Are you familiar with Bright Beginnings infant formula?   It is healthy and affordable.  It is available from Diapers.com  for  more info or purchase: http://bit.ly/g6NIYA)))))      .    You 
You can also check out  Bright Beginnings Facebook Fan Page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bright-Beginnings-Infant-Formula/157261720955327 
I really wish this would have been available a few years ago when my children were younger.  We had to spend a fortune on expensive formula for my son who had colic.  His poor tummy was so sensitive.  I could have really used the gentle formula (with partially broken down whey protein and 1/4 the lactose of a standard milk-based formula) ))) n    )))))))    and would've saved a lot of money compared to the cost of other brands  .
 Bright Beginnings formula has the same ingredients as Similac and Enfamil (including specialized formulas) and must meet the same FDA regulations.  Their products include premium, organic, soy, and gentle formula. They also have an awesome soy pediatric drink that is kosher and vegetarian. It's great nutrition for the kids past the age for drinking formula.
So, if you have little ones and want to give them high quality nutrition and save money, check out Bright Beginnings.
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