Saturday, September 29, 2012

Candy Corn Pine Cones

It’s no secret that I am CRAZY about candy corn!  I love the stuff.  So, it makes perfect sense for me to decorate for Fall & Halloween with my favorite candy.  Here in the South, we have an abundance of pine cones.  They are everywhere! I have been wanting to do some pine cone crafts and then (probably due to hunger), it dawned on me.  Pine cones are shaped sort of like candy corn. Why not paint them to look even more like candy corn? 
Candy Corn Pinecones {Krafty Kat}

I started by spray painting pine cones solid colors of orange, yellow, and white. 
Spray Paint & Pinecones
Spray Painted Pinecones

Then, I painted some of them in tricolors with craft paint.  I had a little help from my girls. 
painting pinecones
Paint Pinecones to look like Candy Corn {Krafty Kat}
I LOVE my candy corn pine cones   I am enjoying finding different ways to display them…
Painted Pinecone Garland
I strung them up on a piece of twine to make a garland on my built-ins. 
Candy Corn Pinecone Garland {Krafty Kat}
I just wrapped the twine around the top part of the cone and hung them up.  So easy!
Hang Pinecone on Twine

Pinecone Garland
I used them as a vase filler.  The bright colors look great! 
Pinecones as Vase Filler
I filled a plastic basket full of them and even just lined them up by themselves.
Basket of Pinecones

Painted Pinecones {Krafty Kat}
They make for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for the season!
Basketful of Painted Pinecones

Are you CRAZY for candy corn?
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  1. Living in the South too I now know what I'm going to do with all our pinecones...LOL What a unique idea and one that the Chazman and I will enjoy doing together.


  2. Oh, I love candy corn! This is perfect! I also live in the South (well, Houston...does that count? lol!), and we have tons of pine cones too! I might try putting them on a wreath after I paint them too!

    By the way, I came from Tutus and Tea Parties, and I think that it's funny that even though she randomizes her entries, the first few links I clicked on were to your blog! :) Nice work!

  3. I love candy corn, too! ;) And I love your candy corn pine cones! Great creative idea!

  4. I must take the girls on a pine cone adventure...meaning they will find pine cones for their sweet mom :)

  5. Visiting from M.M.M. These are the cutest! Thanks for sharing the idea. I really want to make some for myself :) I would love if you would share this (and some of your other fun projects) over at my link party going on right now.

    Thanks! Have a nice day :)

    Sewing Barefoot

  6. Super cute idea. Found it on It's Overflowing. I plan to pin to my Autumn board. :D Have a great day.

  7. Love the candy corn look that you gave your pine cones! I have an abundance of cones too that I need to paint. I might get around to doing some for the Fall but probably will wait until Christmas time, knowing how I get around to getting things done. lol

  8. That really is a good idea! They are so cute.