Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Fun Apple Crafts (Gimme Five For Friday)

Nothing says September is here like apples!  In most places, it is harvest time!  The time of the year to enjoy apple pie and hot apple cider and all of the other yummy things that we get from apples.  Not to mention the fact that it is back to school time and the apple has long been a symbol of knowledge.  So, what more reasons do we need to make some fun apple crafts?
Here are five super easy apple crafts that even the kids can get involved with:

1. Terra Cotta Apple
Terra Cotta Apple {Krafty Kat}
Children have been bringing an apple to the teacher for years and this is a fun twist on the old tradition.  Start with a small terra cotta pot (3-4 “) and paint it red.  Turn the drainage tray upside down to make a lid.  This is very similar to the acorn I made recently.  Paint an old wooden knob black or brown and glue it to the lid to make a handle that looks like an apple stem.  Use a leaf from an old artificial flower arrangement or make a felt leaf and attach it with glue next to the “stem”. 
Apple For The Teacher Terra Cotta Pot
You can then fill it with candies or small supplies like paper clips or erasers and present it to the teacher for a unique gift!

2.  Yarn Apple
Yarn Apple Craft (Krafty Kat)
This is a very quick and easy craft.  When it comes to crafts, I am all about instant or close to instant gratification.  I used a wooden block but any small item will do (cardboard, whatever) and wrapped it with yarn.  Keep wrapping until you have completely covered the item and you have a rounded shape.
Wrapping Yarn Apple
Cut off the yarn and tuck in the end.  Cut a piece of brown pipe cleaner or use a small stick and push it into the top for a stem.  For a leaf, I used a piece of corker ribbon (ribbon that has been curled) and inserted it under the yarn.  I used a toothpick to push it in where it wouldn’t be seen through the yarn. 
You could use more pipe cleaner for the leaves also.  It would be so cute to make a little bucketful of these.

3.  Apple Wreath
Apple Wreath (Back To School)
This would make a great classroom decoration for back to school.  It is so simple to make with a cardboard ring and paper apples.
  I posted a tutorial here if you’d like to try it.

4.  Plastic Bottle Apples

I shared this on Facebook a while back.  This is a great recycling project.  The bottoms of plastic bottles are shaped just like the bottoms of apples. Simply cut off the bottoms and cut a slot to fit two pieces together.  You can paint them, fill them, decorate them.  So fun!  Here is a link to the tutorial from Krototak.

5.  Paper Plate Apples

This is from a party that was all about apples!  Use red paper plates and white card stock to make these awesome apples.  Add some seeds with a sharpie marker. 

See the details and more great apple ideas from Two Shades Of Pink!

How about them apples?

Enjoy them now because everything will be all about pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Grab some supplies and make some apples!

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  1. I love these ideas! I especially like the terracotta apple. Fall is just such a great season for crafts!

  2. I like the teracotta apple the best. Adorable! Thanks for these great ideas, and thanks for sharing this week at One Creative Weekend! Have a great weekend!

  3. Krafty so do live up to your name...these crafts are fabulous...I love all the apples...I think I can paint some terra cotta pots and lids orange and have pumpkins...whatcha think?...I must "pin" to copy cat!

  4. or should I say copy Kat!!!!...teeehehehhe

  5. As a teacher, I love this kind of stuff! Great post!

    Kelly at Smart! School {House}

  6. Super cute ideas!
    Would you consider linking this up at my Pinworthy Projects Party? I hope to see you there!