Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guest Post {Make A Halloween Mirror With Eyes} from Partycraft Secrets

Today, I have a special guest to introduce to you: Linda from Partycraft Secrets!  Her website and blog are just an explosion of inspiration for children’s crafts and parties!  She is so enthusiastic about her creativity, following her dream, and encouraging others!  

My name's Linda, and I'm passionate about inspiring women to make classy craft with their families. To help them learn how, or develop their skills, I founded and with the help of my two gorgeous daughters, I'm celebrating classy craft that is fast, fun and affordable – enjoy!

Halloween Mirror With Eyes
It's no secret that Halloween is coming... and what better way to scare your family and friends than with the old fashioned idea of eyes that follow them around the room.  Now, as much as I'd love to recreate a Gothic portrait on a fake wall, and stand behind making my eyes all googly, quite frankly I just don't have the time or the resources to be that inventive, so I decided instead to rough up a mirror and use something we all know and love; a photo!
Here's how to make a spooky Halloween mirror with eyes using a family photo:
1.Buy a cheap mirror and dismantle the back so that you can access the middle section.
   imageimage image
2.With a flat edged screwdriver carefully start to scratch away the backing paint.
image image
3.Turn the mirror over and lay it on a piece of coloured paper to check how you’re going.
 image  image
4.Rub more paint off, always pushing gently, and always pushing in the same direction, turning over from time to time to see how much you’ve rubbed off – remember - less is best !
5.Move a photo of a family member around behind the rubbed off section and when it’s in the right spot, tape it in place.
 image image
6.Put your mirror where it can spook unsuspecting visitors.
Top tips: buy the cheapest mirror you can find (from a discount Dollar Store / Second Hand Store) because practice makes perfect with this project, and be sure to check out the back of the mirror before you buy it; if you have to spend an eternity dismantling the mirror to get to the silver lining... well then... it'll be less craft-Heaven and more craft-Hell... and that's not what we want this Halloween now do we?

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  1. YAY - thanks so much for having me here - I LOVE your blog and it is an absolute HONOR to be here!
    Best wishes, Linda @ Partycraft!! x x x