Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back 2 School Survival Guide Review

Just in time, I would like to share with you an essential tool for preparing for and getting through back to school.  Created by the PCI Certified Parent Coach and Family Management Coach, Susan Heid, who is also the founder of The Confident Mom website, this 80 page e-book is full of invaluable advice, tips, and tools to send your kids back to school with assurance.

The Back 2 School Survival Guide will help you to get organized and stay on top of any situations that may arise, such as what to do with a child who has continually “lost” or “forgot” his homework.  You will be equipped with all you need to handle problems such as test stress, balancing extracurricular activities, and internet safety.  This is such a comprehensive guide, complete with printable planners and worksheets!

Back 2 School Survival Guide- make that back to school transition easier

What is so great about the Back 2 School Survival Guide is that it not only gets you prepared for back to school with help with setting up regular routines for dinner and bedtime but also helps you parent your school aged child all year with advice for handling negative report cards or a child who hates school.  There really is no subject not covered, from preparing for Kindergarten to understanding classmates with disabilities.  The guide is written for real moms by a real mom with Christian values who understands the need for practical advice and strategies that really work. 

The printables are awesome because they really help you stay on track.  We use some of the calendars and planners. What my girls really love are the reminders for their morning, afternoon, and evening routines.  They love completing a task and being able to mark it off the list!  Some of the other printables include a countdown maze (so fun for counting down the days until school starts) and some really cute lunchbox notes. I just used the teacher notes shown in the picture above today.

The guide is available as a downloadable PDF for only $14. You can refer to it all throughout the school year and quickly access the section you want by clicking the link in the table of contents.  You can even print it out and keep it on hand!  The Back 2 School Survival guide is available at The Confident Mom website.  Get this guide now and get the school year started off right!
A great tool to transition from a carefree  summer into a rigorous school schedule!
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