Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Planning a romantic date with your hubby or significant other?  Why not enjoy a lovely picnic together?  The experience can be a very welcome change of pace from the usual dinner out and may just start a new tradition.  You get to enjoy good food, beautiful scenery, and each other’s company.  What could be better?  

  a romantic picnic

One fun idea is the element of surprise.  This can go a long way into adding mystery and intrigue to an otherwise predictable evening.  Plan a picnic and don’t tell him where you’re going.  Give him little hints but don’t reveal the location or what you will be doing until you get there.  Sometimes, just doing something unexpected is all you need to have a very special time.


Be sure to pick a scenic location.  Choose a special spot that fits you as a couple.  Try to find a secluded area.  Maybe a pretty clearing in a wooded area, a seldom used park in the city, a quiet side of the beach.  Think about the seasons.  If it is spring, go somewhere with beautiful flowers.  During the fall, a place with lots of colorful leaves. 

You want to feel like you are escaping from the everyday.  Even your own backyard can be an escape if you plan ahead and make it extra special.  Set a romantic mood with lots of candles, flowers, and beautiful fabrics.  Dine on your finest china and crystal in the backyard. 

You can have a picnic during the daytime or at night.  A picnic under the stars can be very romantic.  Just make sure to bring a blanket so you can lie down and gaze at the stars together.  You can also bring your ipod or cd player and listen to love songs. If you’re musically inclined, serenade your sweetie. Hang twinkle lights (if you have access to electricity) or use flameless luminaries. 

romantic picnic

If you are having a picnic during the day, consider what will be the best time of day.  Generally, the best time of day is whenever you two will both be free.  You don’t want to have to rush.  If you will be traveling, be sure to pay attention to weather and traffic conditions.  You don’t want to be on your way to a romantic picnic stuck in traffic or get halfway there and it start pouring down rain.  If you do find yourself in this situation, don’t give up.  Have your picnic in the car.  It will still be memorable even if it didn’t go as planned.  

You can make your picnic even more romantic by serving heart shaped sandwiches or cookies.  Whatever you bring to eat, make sure it is something that you both like.  It doesn’t have to be complicated but make it look nice.  You also want to make sure to bring a wine bag and two glasses.  Pack your lunch in a nice basket.  You don’t want to prepare a perfect meal and head to a scenic waterfall and have lunch from ziploc baggies and brown paper bags. There is a variety of picnic baskets available for sale online and would be great to have, especially if you plan on doing this more than once.  You can find lunch totes, picnic baskets, or any other accessories you may need at Picnic World

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