Friday, August 24, 2012

No Sew Drapes With Rod Pockets

 I am so happy now to have some new curtains hanging up in my living room! 

I have to be honest - I am totally intimidated when it comes to doing anything with fabric.  I don’t sew and although I have lots of ideas for fabric related projects, they often go undone because I am so handicapped when it comes to sewing!  That’s why I get so excited when I know that I can pull off the look of sewing without actually touching a needle and thread! 

The first step of all is to measure your windows and determine how much fabric you will need.  It is best to overestimate so you don’t come up short.  You will need to allow for two inches all the way around each drape for the edges and six inches on the top if you will be making a rod pocket.  If you will be using clip-on rings, you need only allow for two inches on the top. 

Next. pick out your fabric and get some Heat N Bond UltraHold.  I bought 6 yards of fabric and 2 rolls of the 7/8 inch wide Heat N Bond.  I really only needed about 5 yards of fabric and had enough left over to cover two pillows.  See?  It’s much better to overestimate! 

Lay out your fabric and fold in half to the size of each drape.  Cut the fabric along the fold in a straight line. Preheat the iron to medium heat with no steam.   On the back of one of the pieces of fabric, place the Heat N Bond adhesive two inches from the edge on one side. 

 Be sure that the paper side is facing up. 

Place the iron on the paper liner and hold in place for 2 seconds to bond the strip to the fabric.  Repeat all the way down the strip until done.  Allow to cool and then peel off the paper.  You should have a strip of iron on adhesive on the fabric. 

 Fold the fabric in until it meets the adhesive.
   Press with iron and hold for 8 seconds on each section until the entire side is bonded.
 Repeat on both sides and bottom.


To make a rod pocket for the top, measure six inches from the edge and place a strip of Heat N Bond.  Bond the strip to the fabric and remove the paper liner. Fold the fabric in until it meets the adhesive.  There should be a gap from where the fold is until you reach the adhesive.  This will be where the curtain rod goes. Iron along the adhesive until the entire side is bonded. 
I prefer to use a rod pocket.  I know the clip-on rings are popular but I am not very fond of them.  For one thing, if you pull on the drape, it can come loose from the ring because it is only clipped on.  But, mainly, I don’t like them because they remind me of shower curtain rings.  On top of all that, I really didn’t want to add any more expense to this project and the cheapest rings I saw were about $15 (2 sets) so it is much more economical to just make a rod pocket.  If you love the rings, then just continue measuring in two inches all the way around and you’ll be all set.  If you make the rod pocket, you can still add the clip-on rings later if you want.
By the way, you can also make these drapes lined.  Simply bond the liner (a flat sheet works great for this) to the drapery fabric at the fold.  These were heavy enough without a liner so I didn’t feel I needed one.
Repeat the entire process for the second drape and then hang your new drapes.  Stand back and admire your handiwork!  Now you have nice designer looking drapes that didn’t break the bank!  Trust me, if I can do this, you can too!


For the pillow covers I used the same no sew technique.  I am loving the difference they make in my living room.  I plan on adding some more in different but coordinating prints.

 After more pillows, my next step will be a rug and then some new wall decor.  One thing at a time...for now, I am just going to enjoy the fact that I've made a start!

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  1. No sew is the way to go. :) Pretty curtains!

  2. that is a cute fabric print! geaometric is my fav!

  3. I love the fabric! Even though I sew some projects, if I can avoid it I do. Your lamp looks awesome with these too :)

    Hugs, Tanya

  4. good easy tips. I'm pinning this.

  5. Pinning this- I just know a few people who would love it! ;)

  6. Oh dang - I'm not at all krafty, in the LEAST, but I kind of want to try this.

    wow, I can't believe I just said that.

    I need to go take batting practice or eat chicken wings now or something.

    Good stuff, as always, Kat.

  7. The curtains and matching pillows look great. I love the bit of color and fun print they add to the dark sofa. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looking at your drapes hung no one would ever guess they were no sew versions. They look great.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the details. My husband and I were inspired to make our own. We're in the middle of the project now - one panel down and one to go!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the details. My husband and I were inspired to make our own. We're in the middle of the project now - one panel down and one to go!

  11. I love the idea behind the ‘no-sew’ technique! Although, I worry when it is time to wash the curtains and the pillow covers. The adhesive might wear off if it gets wet. I guess you would still need to learn how to sew so that your beautiful curtains and covers will last a long time.

    Roxie Tenner