Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gimme Five For Friday (Household Cleaning Tips)

Is it the weekend yet?  I need a Saturday!  How about you?  I wish I was going on a romantic picnic with my honey but, in all honesty, will probably be spending my weekend cleaning.  So, I’m ready to learn some new tricks when it comes to cleaning.  Here are five cleaning tips that I’ve tried and tested and would recommend. 

1.  How to clean your glass cooktop.  Found this idea on Pinterest and had to hunt down the original blog that it came from: Behind The Studio.   I tried her method and amazingly, it worked and eliminated all that scraping and scrubbing I had been doing. 

easy, using baking soda

2.  Homemade granite cleaner.  I don’t have real granite but this mixture from 320 Sycamore works just as well on my faux granite laminate countertops.

3.  Fake Febreeze.  So simple and smells so good.  Here is the recipe from Fake-It Frugal.

4.  Polish and shine with baby oil and an old sock.  It really speeds things along so you can get done with cleaning and get on with other things.  It works great for tabletops, baseboards, counters, ceiling fan blades, etc.  Here are some more handy uses for baby oil.

Speed Dust With A Sock

5.  Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide.  It is great for removing stains but also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and mildew.  The Yummy Life goes into more detail of all the ways you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your bathroom and kitchen. 

So, there are five ideas to get you going.  How do you keep clean?  Are you a neat freak or a relaxed homekeeper?  With five kids and working all day,  I am more relaxed than neat freak.  When I was staying home all day, though, I was more of a cleaning machine.  I love organization and hate clutter but lately I find I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get it all done. 

I can’t wait to see your cleaning tips and ideas!  I need all the help and inspiration I can get!! 

Gimme Five For Friday

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  1. great tips!!! today is my cleaning day!!! :)

  2. Our glass cooktop is ready for some attention, and I love the sock idea, how many socks do we end up tossing after it's mate is lost. Have a wonderful weekend, thank you :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  3. I've recently made a goal to keep the house cleaner, not just picked up. These are all tips that are going to help me keep that goal! Thanks a million! Going to clean my stovetop right now!

  4. I have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide laying around. I think I'll try it for cleaning, since I hope not to have to use it for treating wounds from jogging accidents again! Good stuff, Kat.

  5. An important reminder: when cleaning wooden furniture, do not use products with alcohol or ammonia. These ingredients can damage the wood and shorten the lifespan of the wood pieces. Use only cleaning products that are applicable to wood furniture. If possible, just use natural products to clean wooden furniture. Vinegar is a possible option for that because it is gentle on wood.

    *Guy Houchins

  6. I totally agree with you, Guy. Vinegar can be your best buddy when it comes to cleaning. It is not only gentle on wood furniture, but it can also help get rid of the stain on your pots and other metallic cookware. Just simmer the pots in vinegar, and the stains will be easier to remove.

    Fredia Zupan