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Gimme Five For Friday (Back To School Checklist)

When do your kids go back to school?  I know in some places the kids have already gone back and in others it will be a while.  My kids go back in about a week and a half.  Every year before they go back, there are a few things I make sure to get done to make the transition a little easier.

1.  Visit the pediatrician.  Check to see if they are due any vaccinations.  My kids have a yearly health check which includes any vaccinations they may be due for.  I schedule this about a month before school starts back.  The closer to the first day back, the busier the doctor’s office will be.  I am sure to request a copy of any vaccines or screenings done to provide to the school if required.  It is also a great time to check their vision and hearing in case a problem has developed.  Then it can be addressed before they get into class and have difficulties.  We also visit the dentist and any other appointments that can be made because that will mean less time out of school.

2.  Make arrangements for transportation to and from school.  If you will be working, who will pick up the children?  Where will they go?  Will they ride a bus in the morning and be picked up in the afternoon?  Figure out what will work best and make sure the children understand what they are supposed to do.  The first few days especially can be confusing. 

3. Schedule bed times.  During the summer, we get pretty lax about what time the children go to bed.  But, if they keep staying up late up until school starts, they would be some groggy, grouchy kids to be around.  I don’t think they would learn much that way.  This is what I do for my younger children (7 & 8 yr. old).  Two weeks before they go back, I instate a bed time that is still a little late (11:30) but gets them in the habit of going to sleep by a certain time.  One week before, I decrease that to 10:30 and starting that weekend before (they start school on a Tuesday), I decrease that to 9:30.  That is their normal school year bed time.  My older kids (12 & 13 yr. old)are allowed to stay up until 10:30-11:00 as long as they are quiet and not disturbing the younger ones.  These are the times that work best for us but may be different for your children.

4.  Make sure there is a designated place for homework to be done that is free (or fairly free) of distractions.  Usually, their bedrooms doesn’t work for my kids because they will be distracted by toys, television, etc.  When my kids come home from school, they have a snack and then do homework at the dining room table.  I stay close by so that I can monitor and be there if they have a question or need help.  Then, they are allowed to play, etc. when it has been done. 

Basket For School Papers

5.  Have a place for school papers to stay organized.  During that first week, they bring home so many papers to be signed.  It can be overwhelming.  In the past, I have ended up buried at my desk with school papers.  NOT anymore.  I went to the dollar store and purchased these little baskets and put their names on them.  When they bring home their papers, they just put them in the basket and I can check them and return to them the ones that need to be signed.  As they bring home schoolwork, I can go through weekly and decide what to toss and what to keep.  I have big plastic tubs that I keep their special artwork, awards, etc. in.
Baskets For School Papers

Of course, you should always take the time to meet your kids' teachers, let your children get acquainted with where the classrooms are located,  shop for all needed supplies, clothing, gear ahead of time, etc.  What back to school ideas do you have?  It’s your turn…share your back to school projects, ideas, etc.  I can’t wait to see!  If you want to link up anything else, you can still link up at Gettin' Krafty With It!
Be sure to come back next week when the theme will be DIY Wall Art!!!

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