Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY Faux Snowballs, Book Page Christmas Trees, & A Vignette

 After a miserable week of having the flu, I am finally feeling well enough to to create some decor.  The first thing to show you is how to make these snowballs.
DIY Faux Snowballs {Krafty Kat}

I made these using the styrofoam balls I used for my Spooky Eyes at Halloween.  I had two different sizes- large and small. 
Painted Eyes

First, I painted over the sharpie marker I used to make the eyes.  Then, I covered them in glue.  I used regular old school glue.  Then, I rolled them around in this stuff called frosty snow AKA buffalo snow. It is simply tiny bits of cellophane. 

Frosty Snow

Making Faux Snowballs

I let them dry for a bit then filled this container with them and lots of the leftover snow.  These would look good in a bucket, as vase filler or attaching a string to use as ornaments. 
How To Make Faux Snowballs {Krafty Kat}

The next thing was that I made two book page Christmas trees.  I used foam cones and cut old dictionary pages into pieces and glued all over the cones. 
Book Page Christmas Tree {Krafty Kat}

Seriously simple but I love the way they look.
Book Page Tree {Krafty Kat}

I sat them on old, chippy white candlesticks along with this little birdie. 


I snipped a few branches from an evergreen tree in my backyard.  I love decorating with natural items as much as possible.
Book Page Trees Christmas Vignette

For a backdrop, I used this white frame.  This white frame somehow finds its way into almost all of my decor! 


I hung a little acrylic bird decoration that I decoupaged with bookpages on a piece of baker’s twine. 
Snowballs Vignette

I love the neutral colors of this vignette and will probably keep most of my holiday decor simple this year.

Krafty Kat Christmas Vignette

I may add a little miniature bunting or some words like “joy” or “believe” to this vignette but as my printer has been moved from my home to our shop right now that will have to wait. 

Christmas Vignette

After not being able to do much of anything for so long, it is so nice to get a chance to be creative!

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  1. So elegant and charming! Love the snowballs - think I will have to make some. Pinned this one!

  2. Those look great, i love the book page effect. That little bird is proper cute too. :)

  3. Looks great!! Love the snowballs!!

  4. These are great! My favorite is the snowballs..they are eye-catching!

    TracyAnn from and

  5. Love the snowballs and the little bird in the frame is such a darling touch!

  6. Lovely vignette Kathie! So pretty! The dictionary page trees are genius!!

  7. Hello there Kathie,

    What a fun faux snow ball DIY project... You have also created a charming vignette with them as well. Love it all; so pretty and festive!

    P.S. ~ (I've been gone so long from being able to take the time and energy in visiting my fellow bloggers and commenting in 'blog-land', that it's great to be back visiting and saying 'hello' once again. Saying 'hi' to old friends as well as new fellow bloggers!)...

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen blog

  8. your mantel looks so charming with all the christmas projects

  9. This is so pretty. I love your snowballs, great tutorial and your trees are fabulous. Beautiful vignette. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Love this DIY project!

  11. The snowballs are just adorable! I'd like to duplicate them for my dining room table vignette.

  12. Nicely done!!! I'm pinning it to my "Lovely Displays board" I just love a wintery vignette!

  13. What a sweet seasonal vignette! I hope you stay well and feel like doing more decorating soon.