Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snowman In A Jar {XL Size}

Snowman In A Jar {Krafty Kat}

As I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, I stumbled across this giant pickle jar and I just knew right away that it would be perfect for a fun Christmas project!  I decided to make a snowman in a jar.  As if he had been captured and able to live forever inside this jar.  It is sort of like a snowglobe except I didn’t want to turn it upside down since it was so big and heavy.  It is almost as tall as a 2 liter soda! 

I made a snowman from polymer clay and then baked him in the oven. 

 While I waited I boiled a big pot of water and painted the jar lid white.  When the snowman had cooled, I painted his button eyes and carrot nose as well as his hat and coat buttons.  I cut a piece of felt to make a scarf.  He seemed to like it quite well.

Then I glued him to the bottom of the jar using epoxy glue.  I added lots of fake snow and glitter.  Then I added boiled water and a few drops of baby oil to help the snow fall a little slower.  I have seen people use distilled water and glycerine, baby oil alone, etc.  I have also read that people have used clear dish soap to replace the glycerine.  I just used what I had on hand.  I added some more epoxy glue to the ring around the jar lid and secured it on.  Then, I added a cute little bow with a little jingle bell.  I also placed this little piece of an old Christmas card with the greeting “Happy Holidays” on the top to add a little cheer.
I just love him!  It is like I have captured a little magic inside this jar along with the snowman! 

Clay Snowman
He is definitely a great conversation piece and adds a touch of fun and whimsy wherever I want to display him. 
Snowman Jar

One thing I noticed though which is probably due to the fact that I didn’t seal the clay is that his bottom part (his butt) seemed to swell during the first day.  I was worried he would eventually swell to the size of the entire jar and then he would seem more like a scary specimen than something cute for Christmas!  But it seemed to reach a stopping point and he just looks like a big, happy snowman! 

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  1. Too cute!! I love your Christmas decorations on the webpage!!

  2. I love this and I actually have a gallon pickle jar too! But, you said you didn't want it to be a snow globe.....but it is, isn't it??

    1. Well, yes, but usually when people make mason jar snow globes they turn them upside down so the glass is the top not the lid. I wanted this to seem more like a fairy in a jar type thing. Thanks for commenting & hope you make one!

  3. This is such a fun idea, I'd never have thought of using such a large jar, I'd be too worried I'd drop it! And I never knew you could the clay in water, good to know!

  4. Very cute! The part about your fear of it swelling to the size of a jar and looking like a scary specimen made me laugh.

  5. This is so cute! And you even crafted the snowman. Good job!

  6. This is such a great project. Your snowman really came to life when you painted him! Thanks for sharing on the homemade holiday party.