Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Here is an easy & inexpensive centerpiece idea.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece
 I took a brass plated charger from the thrift store and placed a dollar store evergreen wreath over it.  I added some festive ribbon to the wreath by making loops and securing the ribbon with the branches of the wreath.
Ornaments and Ribbon
Then, I took some shatterproof ornaments and removed the top where you hang it and just attach it to the branches.  I got that tip from Savvy Seasons.  I alternated green and gold ornaments around the wreath.  These were just leftover ornaments that I won't be using on our Christmas tree. 
Remove Hangers from Ornaments
In the center I placed a golden reindeer I bought for 50% off at Rite Aid.  I accidently dropped him as soon as I walked out of the store with him and broke his back leg but luckily, he can still stand. I am so clumsy sometimes!  I added the bling around his neck from a piece of an old homemade ornament.  It is a piece of green tinsel with snowflakes with red stones in the middle.  It fit him perfectly.
Christmas Centerpiece
You could easily recreate a similar centerpiece in your own color scheme and holiday style.  Just place a dollar store wreath on a tray, plate, mirror, or other object and place any other Christmassy item in the center such as an angel figurine or a candle.  Then embellish with leftover ribbon, ornaments or however you like.  
Christmas Centerpiece On Table 
 I think when it comes to Christmas, more is, well, more. 
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  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful piece. The gold really makes this a classy piece. Thanks for sharing on the homemade holiday party.