Wednesday, November 28, 2012

White Doves And Feathers Christmas Tree

I wanted to show you the Christmas tree I have in my office/craft room that I actually got from the recycling center.  It is a slim 7 foot tree and it had lights already on it (not the prelit kind) but some of them are not working.  Someone must have gotten an upgrade but this one is perfect as a second tree for me. 
Christmas Tree White Decorations
 I put it up recently (ok, ok... honestly, I put it up a week before Thanksgiving!) and decided to decorate it all in white after making my faux snowballs vignette which is in this same room.  I used some large snowflake ornaments (from Dollar Tree) I had from last year along with some smaller ones I have had for years.  Then, I added white and silver glass ball ornaments and a few other white angel ornaments I had in my stash.  I also placed a few white spray painted pine cones in the branches.
Christmas Tree White Decorations5
Christmas Tree White Decorations6
Then, I decided to get some little white doves to look like they were flying all around the tree.  I ordered them from Create For Less.  To go with the dove theme, I ordered some white ostrich feathers from ebay and placed them inside the branches to give it a soft, snowy look. 
Christmas Tree White Decorations11
Christmas Tree White Decorations2
I didn’t have a white tree topper so I left it plain at the top but I did add a few branches near the top that I found in my backyard and just spray painted white.
Christmas Tree White Decorations4
 I love the white decorations and the doves.  It just brings a sense of peacefulness to the room. It’s not too bad for a tree that was destined to be trashed. If I end up doing anything else to it, I would just add more lights and feathers.  I may add a little banner to the top that says “Peace On Earth”.  That would be cute.  However, this is not my main tree so most of my time/energy will be going into the live tree we will be getting in our living room. 
I have already decorated the room and gotten everything together in there.  All I am waiting on is the tree and we are supposed to go get it this weekend.  It will be bright and colorful but you’ll just have to wait to see it. 
Christmas Tree White Decorations10

Christmas Tree White Decorations8
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  1. Your tree looks really pretty--I love all the white and those feathers look perfect!

  2. I love the feathers so neat and a great idea! Visting from Coastal Charm!

  3. Lovely! I just love when trees are decorating using a color scheme and white is so magical this time of year!