Friday, June 15, 2012

Cute Father’s Day Ideas

OK, I know some of you out there do gifts at the last minute…I am NOT the only one!  To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few I thought would be really cute and the dads out there would love to get.

This is, by far, the cutest thing I’ve seen!  Bits of Everything made this amazing Father’s Day Poster Card.  It is so simple but still seems to be a very heartfelt expression that he will surely remember.

fathers day poster card

I found this idea for a 30th birthday beer cake on Pinterest (unable to locate original source) but it would work just as well for Father’s Day.  If he doesn’t like beer, substitute his favorite soft drink. 

Me and My Pink Mixer used a triple photo frame to create this adorable gift with her daughter spelling out Dad in the pictures.  

This tie rack is so sweet and will remind him of how special he is everyday.  Find the tutorial at Poppies at Play.

Count on Martha Stewart to always have a great gift idea.  This Father’s Day Notecube is sure to be a hit! 

DuvDesigns on Etsy has this funny Father’s Day card available for only $3.95.  I can hear my kids giggling now…

i love how we don't have to say outloud that i'm your favorite child. happy fathers day. card. dad. dads day. love. funny.

Another great looking card from DoodleLove on Etsy.  This would be great made into a sign also.

father's day.

And, of course, let’s not forget the man gift basket.  Fill it up with lots of manly things like beef jerky and nuts.  Delightful Order made this one with free printables.

Father's Day Idea

I hope you’ve already gotten your Father’s Day all planned out.  If not, I hope this helps get the ball rolling.  I would love to see your Father’s Day gift ideas.  Please feel free to share them on my Facebook page.  I have another idea to share with you a little later of what my kids made.  Hopefully we can keep it under wraps until Sunday! 
Remember these guys on Father’s Day and every day.  They do so much and mean so much!
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  1. Thanks for featuring my Father's Day picture idea! Happy Monday :)