Monday, June 18, 2012

Ideas For Old Windows

Old windows are easy to find.  They usually go pretty cheap, maybe even free on Craig’s List.  Many of us have some laying around, maybe in our basement or garage. Don’t overlook them for making a big statement.

One easy thing to do is to put one up on your mantel.  I love the beachy feel that DecorChick has going on with with her driftwood, beach glass, and white starfish.  She just added a cute wreath adorned with ribbon and seashells and it really centers the whole thing. 


Girl In Air made a really bold statement using a long window to make kitchen art.  She added vinyl letters to the glass, leaving a gap at the edge of each window.
house numbers

She also made giant house numbers for the side of her house in the same way.  Very eye catching!

This is another great idea I came across on Milk and Honey Design.  Putting a window in front of a posterized photo to create a one of a kind frame!  This one was in the store Found by Domestic Bliss. 


I love this beautiful bed canopy made from a suspended window, draped in lace and twinkle lights.  This was by JHill Designs.

bed canopy

I have also seen a multitude of cabinets, coffee tables, chalkboards, bulletin boards, etc. fashioned from old windows.  So,don’t pass over that chippy old worn out window, it may be just the thing you need to make your space pop!
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  1. Thank you for including my window projects:-)

  2. oh yes! Isn't that frame so romantic! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)