Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goo Be Gone Substitute


Have you ever done something and instantly realized you made a BIG mistake?  That’s what happened to me when I carelessly sprayed adhesive on an object while holding it in midair over my kitchen sink.  My pretty white sink was covered with icky, sticky residue.  I was panicking.  I rent my home and was expecting my landlord to drop by.  What would he say when he saw what I had done to the sink?  How could I be so stupid?   I started trying to clean it with anything I could think of- Windex, Kaboom, fingernail polish remover, Comet.  Nothing in my household cleaning arsenal was working.  I tried scraping but was getting nowhere fast. 



I thought of the product Goo Be Gone but realized I didn’t have any.  I was going to have to put on a bra and shoes (GASP) and go out and buy some.  Then, I glanced over at my bottle of baby oil and thought, hmmm, that might work.  What would it hurt?  So, I squirted a little on a paper towel and the angels came down from heaven and sang “HALLELUJAH”!  The sticky adhesive mess just wiped away.  I didn’t even have to scrub.  I was amazed.  I was saved.  This little clear bottle rescued me from my foolishness. 

If you see any marks in this sink, they are scratches but I’m going to do what Jillee of One Good Thing suggests and use some Barkeeper’s Friend on it to remove the scratches.

I decided to test it on a label that was stuck to a glass jar.  It worked!  It took just a tiny bit of scrubbing,/rubbing and the label was off.  I have heard of people using lighter fluid, gasoline, soaking in hot, soapy water, using blow dryers, and the safe and simple solution was sitting in their bathroom all along. 

IMG_4814 IMG_4815

That little clear bottle is quite a miracle worker.  Here are 20 other great uses for baby oil:

  1. Furniture Polish- Some people like to add lemon juice but I just use the lavender scented baby oil to make my wood furniture shine.
  2. Eye Makeup Remover- Why buy that expensive eye makeup remover when baby oil works great and moisturizes your delicate eye area at the same time.
  3. Make Homemade Baby Wipes- Combine 1/4 cup of baby lotion, baby wash, and baby oil with 1 1/2 cups hot water and pour over a stack of paper towels cut in half inside a plastic container. 
  4. Chrome Polish- Polish chrome hubcaps, faucets, golf clubs, you name it.
  5. Ear Wax Remover- Just apply a few drops.
  6. Latex Paint Remover- Pour a generous amount on a cotton ball and scrub onto skin.
  7. Shoe Polish- Shines your shoes and helps keep them waterproof.  Just buff on.
  8. Bath Oil- Just add a couple of drops and relax in the tub while softening your skin.
  9. Treat Cradle Cap- I used this on my babies to remove the dry, scaly skin that would build up on their scalps.
  10. Massage Oil- Helps to relax those tired muscles and reduce the friction against your skin.
  11. Remove Gum from Hair- If your kids ever get chewing gum stuck in their hair, a little baby oil will help loosen it.
  12. Aftershave Moisturizer- Keep your legs super smooth after shaving with baby oil
  13. In Shower Moisturizer- Add 1/2 cup to your shower gel.  Apply with a sponge to lock in moisture while showering.
  14. Eliminate Head Lice- The oil will suffocate the bugs and the nits will slide off the hair shaft.  Cover the child’s hair with baby oil and use a lice comb.  Comb and remove any nits and bugs regularly.  Wash the oil from the hair with dawn dishwashing liquid.  Repeat until there are no more bugs or nits.
  15. Untangle Necklaces- Add a drop or two of baby oil and use a straight pin to remove the knot.
  16. Remove Rings- If your fingers have swollen and you can’t get your rings off, a little baby oil will help them slide right off.
  17. Unstick Zippers- Wipe along the edge of the teeth then pull the zipper up and down and the zipper should glide smoothly.
  18. Soap Scum Remover- Wipe down showers and tubs with baby oil to protect it from the buildup of soap scum.  Already have soap scum?  Rub it away with baby oil.
  19. Prevent Stretch Marks- Pregnant women can prevent stretch marks by rubbing baby oil into damp skin once or twice daily after bathing.
  20. Bandage Removal- Keep those bandages from pulling and hurting when it’s time to take them off by rubbing baby oil over them first.


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  1. awesome! I knew some of them...but definitely will have to keep this list handy...3 children and counting...

  2. A big thank you for this list of tips! I have used baby oil all my life (five decades!), but some of these uses I have not tried.

  3. This is just fabulous! I'm totally pinning.. Thanks so much for sharing all the awesome tips.. I am getting on some of them tomorrow morning ;)

    New follower via all the social networking sites too :) Have a great 4th!

  4. What?!! That is so awesome. Totally gonna try this to remove gum from my kids hair next time! I used peanut butter. Baby oil would be better! That is so cool that it removes sticky labels too. Great list. I have a whole bottle that has been just sitting under my sink for a year. Gonna have to bust it out and do some cleaning!!
    BTW found you on the Sunday blog hop. Totally following you. Hope you will come and visit me too :)

  5. Very good to know! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is an awesome tip. I tried it on some jar labels and it worked!

  7. Brilliant, I had been using DW40 for most of these jobs but Baby oil is much cheaper, child friendly and I don't have to go down to the shed to get it. Thanks for sharing p.s does it work on tar?

  8. Hi there.. Me again.. Would you mind if I shared this on my Sharing is Caring Tuesdays post?

  9. this post cracked me up. I love this tip! I hope you'll stop by and add this and any other posts you're proud of to my Wednesday What We Wore, Read, and Made Link party


  10. Wow! Sold! Thanks for sharing. Newest Follower from Rae Gun Hop! Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.

  11. These are awesome tips. I am a new follower.

  12. Yay for your discovery! I hate the smell of Goo Be Gone.

  13. WONDERFUL tips! I really like that it worked on your 'sticky' sink problem!

    I pinned this and just as an FYI; you should name your pictures. When I pinned it came up as IMG_4810. When you rename your photos it would have come up as "Goo Be Gone Substitute" (or whatever you choose.) I changed IMG_4810 to, "Goo Be Gone Substitute + 20 uses for Baby Oil" You can see it under my board "For the Home"
    IF you don't know how to change the name of your photos please feel free to email me ( and I will be happy to assist!

  14. I'm a longtime fan of baby oil! I will say, though, that I was nearly fanatical about using it twice daily every day of my pregnancy and I still go stretch marks. I don't think they're something you can prevent- you either get them or you don't!

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime- I’m currently hosting my July giveaway and I host a weekly link party called “This Week the Trend” that I’d love for you to join! I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  15. OMG you are a life saver! I was just talking about how I needed a substitute to goo be gone and here it is. Thank you!

  16. all great tips! I use baby oil for lots of things too. Helps clean my hands when I stain furniture.

    your sink looks fabulous!

  17. Good to know! Why do we always think, smelly, toxic, abrasive cleaners will do the job? Well, I always used to anyway. Be gentle is my new way of thinking. Found you at One Project at a Time Tuesday Link Party. Just realized I follow you on Pinterest too! ;)

  18. I just saw this at My Repurposed Life ...
    I saw that you had Chrome polish listed...It is also GREAT FOR STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES TOO.
    my son told me this little trade secret, he works in the fast food business...and uses this cheap method for shining appliances before his inspections! No fingerprints !


  19. It's Party Time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog and you are invited! Please come link up anything related to making your space better at and mark your calendars for every Making Space Mondays linky party. The fun begins at 9:00 pm tonight. Hope to see you there!

  20. Does this stuff work with Baby Oil Gel as well?

  21. You can also use it as a waxing residue remover. I wax my eyebrows (and upper lip/chin) and the residue bottle that comes with most waxing kits don't work (for me at least). A little baby oil on a cloth and the wax residue comes right off! :)