Friday, July 13, 2012

Gimme Five For Friday (the 13th!) #3

I hope you all have had a good week and will be having an even better weekend!  I hope to visit my parents.  My other half has to set up my dad’s computer and that will give me plenty of time to catch up with my mama.  I love going over and seeing her garden and gorgeous flowers. 
Anyway, I am ready for some change.  Do you ever just get tired of how a room or space in your home looks and just can’t stop thinking about it until you do something?  There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with it, you just need a change.  Your environment plays such an important role on your mood and well-being.  You want the effect to be a positive one.  Here are five changes I want to make in my home:

1.  Add some color to my dull, brown living room with pops of orange.  I think orange will re-energize this boring space and give it a fresh, modern feel.  Right now there’s just a lot of brown and white.  Brown leather sofa, hardwood floors, dark brown furniture, and white walls.  Boring.   Here is an inspiration photo (click pictures for links to sources):

turquoise orange brown white living room by june
This room just makes me happy!

2.  Paint my dining room table and hutch a creamy white.  The dining room is open to the living room and I want the light airy feel to extend to this room as well.  Right now it is a medium oak color that has faded terribly.  I can’t afford to replace it right now but maybe some paint will give it a little longer life.  Here is an inspiration photo:


3.  I am also looking to change some color in my bedroom.  This time I am going the opposite way and wanting to paint my bed and dresser black.  The darker shade will help me rest and look more sophisticated.  My furniture is currently brown wood and the walls are a brown shade.  Here is an inspiration photo:

Black bed

4.  My two youngest girls share a room.  I am currently working on redoing it.  It was once a garage that was closed in and we’ve just started really making it into a room.  They are 7 and 8 years old and love bright colors.  I am painting their furniture in various colors and trying to make it really fun and girly.  Here are two bedding choices I’m thinking of:

5.    Another project I would like to get done in the girls’ room is remove the yucky carpeting that is in there.  Underneath is just plain unfinished plywood.  I think I will leave it just like that.  Maybe throw down a couple of rugs but no more carpeting or fooling with other flooring (I am renting, after all).  What I could do is paint it if my landlord would let me.  Here are some plywood floors that I’ve seen that look great:

Plywood Flooring - Baltic Birch 
plywood floors

Are you ready to make any changes in your home? 
OK, that’s my five.  What’s yours?  Remember it can be any five things you want to blog about.  It doesn't need to be the same as mine.  Also, if you want to just link up any regular posts (crafts, decor, recipes, etc.), please share them at Gettin' Krafty With It.  Thanks y'all!

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