Monday, July 2, 2012

Kids Summer Boredom Buster #245: Face Painting

Are your kids moping around saying they’ve ‘got nothing to do” and “I’m bored”? Here’s a fun, inexpensive way to bust away that boredom and get them laughing and being creative in no time. All you need is some regular acrylic paint in a few different colors, a few cheap paint brushes or even q-tips, and a little imagination.

K&W Face Painting

Make sure that the kids are dressed in play clothes in case they accidently get a little paint on them and you have a clean work area. We usually go out onto our porch but you can do this activity inside if you prepare. You could use an egg carton to separate the paint by color and cover the space with newspaper.
w This picture was actually taken in the Spring when the dogwoods and azaleas were blooming and the grass was just starting to grow.
If you have very young children, you may want to ask them what designs they want and paint yourself but most children will be fine to paint on their own. If you are a brave soul, let them paint on you!
The paint dries quickly and washes off easily so no worries! They’ll have a blast! This can also be a fun birthday party activity that can fit nearly any party theme.
Even teenagers will have fun with this.  After all, they are all about self-expression, right? 

Painting Leg This one is a bit of a Dr. Who fan.

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