Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meals By The Week

It’s the one thing every mom hates to hear, “What’s for dinner?” 


Wouldn’t it be nice to always have the answer and have it all under control?  As women, we are expected to be superwomen.  We are under enormous pressure to do it all.  And to do it all well. 




Meals By the Week is a tool that can help you save time and money at the grocery store by giving you pre-planned menus custom fit for your family. They match the ingredients to the sales at the stores you shop at so you can really get the most for your money.  There are also meals that are called “leftover makeovers” so you don’t waste any uneaten food.  Meals By the Week provides you with healthy, economical menus.  This is perfect for busy moms.  You can feed your family real, delicious, home-cooked meals and avoid the takeout & fast food trap.  Meals By The Week provides you with the shopping list, the recipes, and the menu.  You can choose to skip any meals you don’t want and choose double it to double the ingredients when cooking for a bigger group.

I have started using Meals By The Week and I have to say I love not having to figure out what to cook.  I am a good cook but a terrible planner!  We end up having the same meals over & over.  It’s so nice to get out of that rut and try some new things.  The meals consist of foods that we would really eat, not any strange ingredients that my kids would refuse to try.  This week, we will be enjoying some Italian pot roast (made in the crock pot), orange chicken, chicken salad sandwiches, barbecue pork chops, and tomato basil quiche.  When I receive my menu, I keep what I like, adjust the amounts as needed (I usually adjust to say I’m cooking for 8 people, because there are 7 of us), then get my list of ingredients needed that I can shop from.  I mark the items I need, add anything else we need and then I’m ready to shop. 

They even have menus for 400-calorie meals. 

Right now, they’re offering a really good deal so it’s a perfect time to try it out!  You can get 50% off a 13 week subscription by using the following code:


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