Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zulily For Moms, Babies, & Kids

Have you heard of Zulily?  It’s a great place to find daily deals on adorable things for moms, babies, kids, and home.  I have gotten some really cute things for my daughter there.  You can find all kinds of boutique and popular brand items from clothing, jewelry, shoes, hairbows, home decor, etc.  at  low prices (up to 90% off retail).

The way Zulily works and can offer such low prices is that it doesn’t operate like a traditional online store.  It is a members only site.  You can register for free and then you will receive email notification of each days sales events. Each day features new sales and brands to shop with a limited supply of merchandise available. They don’t stock a warehouse.  Instead, they negotiate shipping arrangements with the brands themselves.  This helps keep your costs down.

One of my favorite aspects of Zulily is that they share lots of their items on their Facebook page and you can see comments and reviews by real moms and you can share your own opinions.  It’s a great way to find out if something fits true to size or how well it works.  They are quick to respond to questions and comments.  They also share lots of photos and products on Pinterest (you all know how I love Pinterest!). 

This is a great place to start your back to school shopping.  They have loads of top-quality children’s clothing and shoes to stock up on.  Your kids deserve to go back this year well dressed and you deserve to get it done without getting stressed!  Check back each day to see the new deals.  They even have cute backpacks and lots of sports gear for your little athletes!

Right now they are having lots of fabulous Christmas in July specials:  Holiday dresses, hair accessories, Christmas decor, & more!  So much fun to think about Christmas when it is so sweltering hot outside!   Head over there and sign up so you can get in on all the cute stuff too!

This post has been brought to you by my friends at Zulily and the letter Z.
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  1. I love's one of my favorite sites to shop for cute baby clothes!