Monday, July 9, 2012

Store Front Curb Appeal

Old Storefront
The images on the glass are just photoshopped in as we were deciding on what to put on them. Couldn’t find the original picture without them.

At the beginning of May, my boyfriend got the opportunity to expand his home-based computer repair business by opening up a shop.  We were so excited!  It was in a good location and the shop is the perfect size. 

The only real problem was the exterior.  It was all 80s burgundy and teal green.  You remember…(don’t you?). 

 There was a big ugly striped awning that was filthy and full of holes. That was first to come down.  It was up there good too, let me tell you!  After these guys removed all of the screws, they had to cut through whatever super adhesive that was holding up this heavy, steel-beamed monster with a Sawzall (reciprocating saw).

Taking Down Awning 2  Taking Down Awning
Storefront Without Awning

The next step was to try to paint over the dark burgundy color.  I washed down the wall first (not with a pressure washer but a pressure nozzle on a regular hose).  We decided on a grey color paint and bright blue trim which would match well with his logo.  We went with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer in One.  

It took a lot to cover all that burgundy, not to mention that the wall is stucco.  I got up on a ladder to reach up high which was a little bit scary.  That wall is taller than it looks and I am so very short!  I got most of it except for a few spots that were just out of my reach and my boyfriend got those.  The door and the trim went a lot faster.

After all of the painting was done, we had our local rep at Signarama come hang up our sign and they also removed the old lettering from the windows and put our business hours on one of the windows.  We decided to leave one window blank so we would have the option to put something up on it in the future.  Signarama also put the computer keyboards under the windows. 

Once we had the clear from all of the utilities to dig, we placed our two sided sign that we already had in the ground right in front.  I planted  orange marigolds to give it a little pop of color.  This was taken soon after they were planted.  They are huge now and full of blossoms!  Those bushes have also gotten a little trim since then.

Computer Sign

I am so happy with the change!  It is much lighter and brighter.  I think it is so much more appealing than that burgundy and teal green  mess.  Even thought the blue is bright, it looks good with the signs and catches your eye.

Old Storefront Computer Repair Shop

So, when I'm not at home cooking, cleaning, etc., you can usually find me here! 

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  1. wow! that looks great! like it was always his shop, and not the other cutesy one.

  2. I am impressed! That is a true make-over! Thanks for sharing on Cowgirl Up this week!!
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  3. It's a wonderful transformation, sure to attract customers. It's like night and day better.