Thursday, December 2, 2010

SugarPlum Fairy In a Jar

Ever since I first heard of the idea of a fairy in a jar, I was hooked on them.  I made some for my daughters using big giant jars and they were so fun to make.  I started thinking of making some little snowy scenes in jars and then I remembered the fairy in a jar thing so I thought- why not a sugarplum fairy in a jar?  This one is kind of a mini version because I used such a small jar.  It was originally a jar of chip dip (that was quite delicious, I might add).  I put some cotton fluff in the bottom and some spray snow on top of that.  I found a cool sugarplum fairy image online and printed it out.  I traced the fairy wings with glue and added some lavender glitter.  I sprinkled the snow with the glitter, I finger painted some swirly lavender and ivory paint on the inside and outside of the jar and added- you guessed it, more glitter.  I put the little fairy inside and added a few beads and sequins.  I spray painted the lid silver and added white tulle, secured with a rubberband and added some satin ribbon to hide the rubberband.  Then I hot glued a big old wired ribbon to the top.  I looked at it and decided that wasn't enough so I glued another ribbon along the bottom edge of the jar.  Then I sprayed all along the rim with more snow spray.   

Since it is so small, it is difficult to get any good pics with my camera but you get the idea. 

This one looks like some kind of painting of an angel.

 I realize it may be a little gaudy and I'm sure no one else out there gets it but I love making these.  They are so much fun!  It must be my inner girly girl or something.  I will probably make some other snowy jar scenes with  trees or elves or something with way less glitter and ribbons but I just couldn't resist this once I thought of it- I had to make it-right now. 

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  1. How cute...I love this idea and hope to remember it when I get to creating my daughters "Fairy Garden" in the back yard...Maybe I could use plastic Mayo Jars as "Fair Traps" to hang in the trees....Thnx for the inspiration.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. This is such a great idea! I love it!

  3. What a sweet idea. You are a Fairy Godmother!

  4. What a sweet, sweet idea. This makes me want a granddaughter!!!

    My show n tell is something my husband cut out for me and I painted. For the Holidays! Here is the link for you. I do hope you'll come visit.