Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wassail- Apple Cider Punch

Sorry for not posting lately but my daughter and I both have strep throat and I just haven't been up to it.  I do want to share with you a new holiday tradition for me: hot apple cider.  I have never tried it.  My boyfriend's mother always made this at their house and used something called Savannah Cinnamon Mix to make it. 

He told me about it so we thought we would make some.  However, we couldn't find it locally.  We were in The Olive Branch a few days ago and they had samples of Wassail to try. 

It was so good and the warm apple cider was very soothing for our sore throats.  We got some and made a batch at home.  It was so easy to make,  just mix with hot apple juice.   The aroma from the cinnamon and cloves and other spices is so nice.  He said this is very close to what his mom makes with the Savannah Cinnamon Mix.  All of the kids liked it as much as we did so I have found something new to enjoy at Christmastime.  I found a few recipes for homemade wassail punch but right now I am not able.  Maybe next year, I won't be sick and will try to make some from scratch.  If you haven't had some, you really need to try it! 
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