Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogswap with Crafty Cierra

Hey everyone! My name is Cierra from CraftyCierra. I am so excited to be here today! Let me tell you a little bit about myself...I love to create things, try new recipes, & plan parties, which is what my blog is all about! I love to share my ideas with others, in hopes that they may be inspired by them, as I have by all of your amazing blogs!
I do a Wild Wednesday Party every week, along with a feature. I pick someone from the party to feature the following week! So be sure to link up!
This year I'm going to be doing a kids' table at Thanksgiving. There are so many of us that we all could not fit at the same table. So I wanted to do something fun for the kids' table. First of all I needed a centerpiece! I am going to be doing an activity sheet the kids could color, so whats better than a centerpiece with crayons?
ITEMS NEEDED: Crayons, 1/2 of a styrofoam ball, brown paint, paint brush, brown paper, red paper, orange paper, 2 googly eyes, & a hot glue gun.
PRICE: around $6- Look for items at the dollar store! You wouldnt believe what you can find!
1. Cut your foam ball in half, if it isnt already (you can buy the halves)
2. Paint your styrofoam brown. I used a foam brush & just dabbed the paint on
3. While your paint is drying, you need to cut out a turkey head out of the brown paper. A beak out of the orange paper. And I have no idea what that gobbely thing at the side of the beak is called, but you need to cut a piece of that from the red paper
4. Hot glue your googely eyes, beak & red thing on to the turkey face
5. Once your paint is dry, start putting the crayons into the foam ball. You can do this however you want! I just sort of twisted them in at random spots. Make sure not to put them in the front where the head goes
6. Glue the turkey head on to the front of the ball
Isnt he cute?! I know the kids are going to love him! Its going to be a cute & fun centerpiece for their table!
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Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks to Krafty Kat for having me over today! Make sure to visit my blog for more fun ideas & tutorials!
Happy Crafting!
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