Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little Christmas Decorating Inspiration

Today I will be out shopping with all of the rest of the world.  Not really to get all of the spectacular Black Friday deals but yesterday was my son's birthday and he got a bunch of cash that is burning a hole in his pocket fast!  So, I've got to take him out to spend it and hopefully will get the chance to go to Hobby Lobby for myself.  Believe it or not, I have NEVER been to Hobby Lobby.  I know, I know-very shocking!  I have heard from everybody and their grandma how awesome Hobby Lobby is but don't have one nearby so have just missed out.  I found out there is one about 25 min. away though and I've printed out my 40 % off coupon so I'm going to find out what it's all about. I'll be going with Christmas decorating in mind so I thought it would be fitting since I won't be here to leave you with some inspiration for your Christmas decorating. 

Gorgeous pinecone flowers make a beautiful centerpiece.

Winter Wonderland...sigh

Love these glass ornaments hung with a simple red ribbon to dress up the chandelier.

This is so much more interesting than a wreath, don'tcha think?  Love the little pom-pom- so sweet.

Pretty red transferware in a green hutch.  Notice the little evergreen trees in the teacups- sooo cute!

Another pinecone decoration- wouldn't this be awesome covered in GLITTER???

I love this vintage Santa collection display!  Check out the wreath-overloaded with ornaments!

A grouping of stars really shines!  These are all nestled into a white sleigh. 

Wrap your vases and glass candleholders in sweaters!  Makes them feel all warm and snuggly!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  Love this red and white tablescape too!

How simple and pretty- just a ribbon and a placecard!

Add ribbon to your throw pillows and they become a gift for your tushie!

Pretty bowl full of oversized jingle bells!

I just want to warm up next to this fire and dream of sugarplums!

If you're going shopping today, be safe and have fun! 
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