Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something to Smile About

Just wanted to brag a little because I never win anything but I love giveaways and enter them whenever I get the chance. So far, I have never won but I finally got lucky! I entered a giveaway over at Mommy Does and won a dozen Smiley Cookies!

Aren’t they cute?

They make me smile just looking at them. They sound like a very good company too:

“Today, every child that dines at Eat’n Park receives the surprise of a buttery, rich, delicious smiley cookie, totaling more than 1 million free cookie treats each year. Every day, our cookies are distributed to community, charity and fundraising events. Every year, more than 200,000 smiling cookies are donated to local non-profit organizations. That’s a lot to smile about."

I can’t wait to try them! So, if you are entering giveaways and think you’re just wasting your time, don’t give up because you might just win! Thanks so much to Mommy Does for hosting this fantastic giveaway and giving me something to smile about!

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  1. Oh, so cute and happy! I've won one giveaway and it was SO AWESOME! Congratulations!

  2. I'm telling you right now! I started blogging three days or so before Thanksgiving and have since won more than $500 worth of giveaways! SO, DO NOT GIVE UP!
    At Mommy Does..., I'm giving away a $15 GC to EcoMom. Just figure in shipping (unless you want to pay it) and you might score something free like I did from Marine Parents! I got Doug & Melissa laceing animals for free! They cost $20 @ Micheals in Waco Texas!

    How did I miss this post?
    Stay tuned to Mommy Does... I'm a participant of A Blogtastic Extravaganza and will have one winner for more than $50 worth of prizes!

    I love your heart shaped tree ornaments! My daughter is having a Heart Box themed birthday party next month (Ni-Hai, Kai Lan) and if I get to it I was making a banner and decor for it!

    Did you recieve your cookies yet?