Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Mantel

Beth from The Stories of A to Z is hosting a mantel party tonight.  I thought I would share how I changed mine up from New Year’s to Winter.  It was so easy.  (Bear in mind I rent a mobile home so I am stuck with that awful mirror, etc.).  Here it is decked out for New Years. 

Here it is transformed for winter.  You’ll notice it’s not a lot different.  I already had lots of white accents so I just added to it with a white candle and a white candlestick with a little white bird perched on top.  Took down the New Year’s Ball, picture, and printable and added a few paper snowflakes to my mirror.  All my white tulle and ribbon stayed.  My icy wreath stayed. I love the look of glass and white together- they remind me of ice and snow.  I will keep this up until a little closer to February and change it up for Valentine’s Day.


Right now, here in Georgia we are bracing for some wintry weather.  So far, this has been an unusual winter for us- we’ve actually gotten snow twice and it NEVER snows in central Georgia.  Not sure how bad it will get but we don’t usually get lots of ice so we aren’t very prepared for it.  School for tomorrow has been cancelled.  They must expect the roads to be too icy  for the buses.  I just hope we don’t lose power.  I’m ready for it otherwise.  Our pantry is stocked up and there is nowhere we have to be so we can just hibernate inside until it’s all over.   

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  1. Your mantel looks wonderful. I love the crystal and white together. It looks so pretty. Hope your weather isn't too bad. Stay in and stay warm. Hugs, Marty

  2. Very cute! LOL! Looks like we had some similar ideas! Great minds think alike right? I love using the feathers too! Stay warm, and I hope you don't loose power either!

  3. The mantel looks really cute. I made the Valentines hearts for my tree as well. I will be posted them this week. I'll let you know when I do and give you a little link love in my blog :o)
    Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. I like your wintery mantel -- just in time for your crazy weather in the south (actually, we've had crazy weather in the PNW today, too -- snow in some of the coastal areas).

  5. Very pretty! I love that wreath and you've used just the right accessories with it!


  6. I love your winter mantel!! :) ~FoxyFawni

  7. You can never go wrong with white! Hope you're staying warm and thanks for linking up to the party!

  8. Lovely mantel! I like the mirror! And the wreath is gorgeous! Great job!

    Stay warm and dry!